1. Vendor must have registered company name or business name
  2. Vendor must have Tax ID/VAT registration certificate
  3. Vendor must have a bank account with a reputable Nigerian bank
  4. Vendor for food, beverage or drug related products must have NAFDAC number or NAFDAC listing or NAFDAC approval for products to be stocked. For such products under NAFDAC regulation, VENDOR agrees to remain responsible for any products supplied and to accept liability for such products at all times
  5. All other products must be registered with the relevant agencies
  6. Except for appointed Consolidator, Vendor must have at least one distinct category of specialization and product offering must meet specific needs / fill a gap in line with our business/trading goals
  7. Vendor should be a manufacturer / primary distributor / importer and MUST furnish evidence of same. Company will not deal with any secondary distributors or freelance resellers.
  8. Vendor’s MUST prove track record within the industry.
  9. Any Vendor for perishable products MUST have the requisite equipment needed to maintain the sanctity of the cold chain and ensure it is not broken. Such vendor will submit its HACCP plan and procedures along with any certification proving implementation of such plans on an ongoing basis.
  10. Vendor must have at least ten (10) SKUs in range, depending on the nature of the product offering but consideration will be given for volume of sales achievable from a lower stock listing.
  11. Vendor must show ability to achieve minimum monthly sales target. Vendor will be required to show evidence.
  12. Vendor will agree to an 80 percent order fulfilment hurdle rate to retain its listing with the company. Company may ask for compensation for lost sales where Vendor’s performance consistently falls below hurdle rate otherwise Vendor may be delisted.
  13. Products must be competitively priced. Vendors will commit to delivering products to us at the lowest price in the market. Vendor agrees to reimburse us for any discrepancies whenever we present any evidence to the contrary.
  14. Vendor agrees to deliver and offload products at no extra cost to individual stores and/or to a central delivery point as advised by buyer and communicated in purchase order.
  15. When Vendor delivers to a Distribution Center for onward delivery to our various location, such Vendor agree to pay for distribution cost.
  16. Vendors agree to contribute to company’s marketing fund. The company will share its marketing plan with Vendors each quarter detailing how this marketing fund will be spent to the benefit of driving sales of their products within our stores. Vendor may opt out of this contribution but MUST furnish company with a commitment of marketing activities of equal or superior value that it intends to carry out within our stores or for the company’s specific benefit during the same period.
  17. All new Vendors MUST be willing to provide a minimum of 90-day credit for the initial order to cover expecting stock period for new listing. Other Vendors MUST be willing to provide a minimum 30-day credit period on an ongoing basis. Vendors agree that any product not sold within this credit period can be returned for full value thereafter
  18. All new vendors to pay listing fees. Where vendor is delisted for any reason, he will be required to prove ability and undertake to address the issues causing delisting and pay the current listing fees applicable at the time of re-listing.
  19. Vendor must complete vendor application form which must be approved in order to get a vendor account number.
  20. Following vendor account creation, vendor will be required to present samples of all products to be listed to enable product creation on the Retail Management System.
  21. No vendor should deliver products without receiving a purchase order from a buyer.
  22. Vendor MUST ensure that all goods delivered have a barcode. Vendor will be responsible for affixing barcodes on any products not having factory barcodes.
  23. All deliveries must be accompanied by the relevant documents i.e. copy of the PO and supplier invoice. The applicable supplier invoice MUST be a Tax Invoice (showing the VAT portion of the invoice value in the prescribed form. Vendor agrees that payments will be delayed until a replacement invoice is presented in the prescribed format. Any tax liabilities resulting from transactions with any vendor will be for vendor’s account.
  24. Company will issue a Goods Received Note (GRN) evidencing value of goods received from Vendor and such GRN shall be conclusive evidence of receipt of goods from vendor
  25. Vendor agrees to receive any products returned by the Company for full value at any time so far as goods are returned in good and marketable condition and within two (2) months of expiry.
  26. Vendors agree to submit themselves for periodic inspection of their facilities as part of the company’s ongoing quality control processes.

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